Season ticket prices 2023/24

Tribute to Lelio Luttazzi

Tickets price
StallsTurn A€ 35,00
Dress circleTurn A€ 25,00
Upper circleTurn A€ 15,00
GalleryTurn A€ 11,00
People under 34: all areasTurn A€ 11,00

Opera & Ballet season subscription price 2023/24

Premiereother turns
First Chair, Stalls, stalls circle and I order box seat (row I)Other turns€ 638,00€ 561,00
Stalls circle and I order side box and Stall circle and I order side box “Barcaccia”Other turns€ 457,00€ 404,00
Dress circle: row 1, 2 central seatsOther turns€ 431,00€ 381,00
Dress circle: row 2 side seats / II order boxOther turns€ 364,00€ 325,00
Upper circle, III order box seatOther turns€ 265,00€ 236,00
Gallery, upper circle (row 6, 7), dress circle (row 4, 5, 6)Other turns€ 166,00€ 146,00
People under 34: all areasOther turns€ 176,00€ 166,00

How to buy

Payments can be carried out at the ticket office (cash, cheque, debit card and authorised credit cards), by bank transfer and simultaneous forwarding by e-mail ([email protected]) receipt of payment.

Turn change
Turn changes can only be requested in exceptional circumstances and are subject to availability. We are required to issue an entrance ticket costing 2.00 euros.

The season ticket holder must be able to show the valid season ticket at the entrance to the shows. If unable, the Foundation, having ascertained the ownership of the season ticket, can allow entry only after issuing a ticket costing 2.00 euros.

The season ticket is strictly personal and cannot be transferred.

The Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi of Trieste reserves the right to make changes to the times, dates and programs announced.


Special reductions are applied to the full price of season tickets for the following categories:
Reduction 1: 10% reduction on the full price. Applicable to organized groups of at least 25 people. The purchase must be contextual for all group subscriptions.
Reduction 2: 15% reduction on the full price. Applicable to: private members up-to-date with the payment of the envisaged fees (*) employees of the Foundation (**)

(*) the reduction is for the maximum amount of 2 subscriptions
(**) the reduction is up to a maximum of 1 subscription
UNDER 34 promotion: season tickets reserved for young people in all sectors. Applicable to audiences under the age of 34.

Discounts for disabled people and carers
The reductions are not cumulative.

Box Office Opening Hours

Tuesday to Saturday, 9 am – 4 pm
Sundays 10 am – 1 pm
Closed on Mondays.
The box office always opens one hour before the performance starts.
One hour before the performance starts, only tickets for that day’s show and last-minute tickets will be sold.

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