“Magazzino 18” at the Politeama Rossetti with the Orchestra of the Foundation

“Magazzino 18” is back on stage at the Politeama Rossetti ten years after its memorable debut. Simone Cristicchi conducted by Antonio Calenda and accompanied for this special edition by the Orchestra of the Fondazione Teatro Verdi of Trieste, conducted by Maestro Valter Sivilotti, tells you a painful page in the history of Italy. The show is produced by the Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia with the Stabile di Bolzano and Corvino Produzioni and will be repeated in Trieste from 9 to 12 February”

A truly memorable show returns to the Politeama Rossetti after 10 years: “Magazzino 18” with Simone Cristicchi, directed by Antonio Calenda, produced by the Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia with the Stabile di Bolzano and Corvino Produzioni.
To embellish this special edition of the tenth anniversary, is the presence of the Orchestra of the Fondazione Teatro Verdi of Trieste, conducted by Maestro Valter Sivilotti.

From Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 February, therefore, it will be possible to appreciate again a show which not only represented a great success for the Stabile, but thrilled the public throughout Italy, touching in a new form – that of the civil musical – a painful chapter of the history of the twentieth century.

«The period between the end of January and the beginning of February at the Rossetti was full of meanings and contents – declared the President of the Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Francesco Granbassi. «We are returning from the homage made by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Building to the “Day of Remembrance” with the show “Comandante ad Auschwitz” and we are preparing to celebrate a great return, on the occasion of the “Day of Remembrance”. A return to Rossetti awaited for years, that of “Magazzino 18”, wanted by the current board of directors, given the great public success achieved in past years and to remember the tragedy of the victims of the sinkholes and the exodus from their lands of the Istrians, Fiume and Dalmatians after the Second World War and of the more complex affair of the eastern border. A “welcome home” then to “Magazzino 18”. I underline the great joy of Rossetti and my personal one for the fact that to embellish the tenth anniversary edition of the show directed by Antonio Calenda there is the presence of the Orchestra of the Fondazione Teatro Lirico “Giuseppe Verdi”, thanks to the availability of Giuliano Polo and Paolo Rodda, which seals a beautiful collaboration between two of the most important Italian theaters. The response from the public has been excellent and we will see four sold-out evenings».

«The Verdi Theater Foundation of Trieste accepted with great pleasure the invitation to collaborate on this production with its own Orchestra» commented Superintendent Giuliano Polo. «We wanted to join this project, not only for the value of such an emblematic show, but also for the importance of the collaboration and synergy between the two major theater institutions in Trieste. 2023 began under the banner of this collaboration with the charity concert on 5 January; I hope to carry out further important projects with Il Rossetti with a view to offering shows of high artistic and cultural value, produced with our artists and our workers. An extra value for Trieste and the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region».

«“Magazzino 18” already had an important role 10 years ago in clearing the theme of sinkholes and exodus and dutifully bringing it into the national collective knowledge» said the Deputy Mayor of Trieste and Councilor for Theaters Serena Tonel. «It helped restore dignity to the memory of the tragedy and its victims and to reconcile and heal about this dramatic part of the twentieth century. A great recognition therefore goes – also from the Municipality of Trieste – to the proponents of this show, to Simone Cristicchi and Antonio Calenda who have created a significant event from an artistic, historical and social point of view. It is also a reason for great satisfaction that the re-edition for the tenth anniversary of “Magazzino 18” sees the collaboration of two important theater institutions such as the Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia and the Fondazione Teatro Verdi in Trieste».

Simone Cristicchi directed by Antonio Calenda is therefore the author and again the protagonist of “Magazzino 18”, a civil-musical centered on a painful page in the history of Italy, which finds its own “symbol” in the Porto Vecchio of Trieste, precisely the “Magazzino 18 which gives the show its title. It is a particularly touching “place of memory”: in fact, the properties of exiles were deposited there, personal and daily effects, furniture, photographs, notebooks, crockery, work tools that still remain stacked there. After having taken them away from their homes, they were forced to leave them, waiting to recover them after the long periods spent in refugee camps or in distant lands. Many times they didn’t get it back and those objects remained there, forgotten.
With the peace treaty of 1947, Italy lost vast territories of Istria and the coastal strip, and about 300,000 people chose – faced with an intricate situation full of lacerations – to leave their native lands destined to no longer be Italian . It is not difficult to imagine their state of mind, with what suffering entire families packed up their belongings and left behind their cities, homes and roots. Ahead of them, hard times and nostalgia: the one that pervades Simone Cristicchi’s song “Magazzino 18” and the rest of the soundtrack which in the show intertwines with the parts recited in a fusion of song, music, words, poetry and historical images .

A story – orchestrated by the great experience of Antonio Calenda – which makes theater the tool for an important and necessary reflection on a past of Italy to be known in order to face the present with awareness and harmony.

The public follows the adventure of an inexperienced Roman archivist, sent by the Ministry to draw up an inventory of those objects now abandoned for so many years; he will meet the “spirit of household goods” and the other protagonists whose stories are hidden among their private, simple objects. Directed by Antonio Calenda, Simone Cristicchi gives life to all these figures one after the other, changing vocal registers, musical atmospheres, in a koinée of languages that transfigures historical reportage into a form of theater rich in contaminations and captivating.

The show will be staged from Thursday 9 to Saturday 11 February at 8.30 pm and Sunday 12 February at 4 pm in the Sala Assicurazioni Generali of the Politeama Rossetti. Available seats can be purchased at the Politeama Rossetti Box Office, in the other points of sale and circuits of the Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia or through the Theater website www.ilrossetti.it. Information on 040.3593511.

Magazzino 18

written by Simone Cristicchi with Jan Bernas
with Simone Cristicchi
directed by Antonio Calenda
with the Orchestra of the Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi of Trieste
directed by Valter Sivilotti
with the participation of the students of On Stage – School of Performing Arts
unpublished music and songs Simone Cristicchi
incidental music and arrangements by Valter Sivilotti
scenes Paolo Giovanazzi
lights Nino Napoletano
co-production Teatro Stabile del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Teatro Stabile di Bolzano, Corvino Produzioni