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Beside public institutions and enterprises, you can contribute to the life of the Verdi Theatre, too, joining the Foundation as a Member and thus supporting its artistic activity. You can join as a private member “Founder” or private member “Supporter”, with a two-year commitment. Members of the Lyric Foundations have access to the Art Bonus, a facility introduced to promote culture and providing for a tax deduction of 65% - divided in three years - in the amount of membership dues. You can contribute as “Financer” with a minimum commitment. Joining the Foundation, you will learn more about the wonderful world of the Theatre, taking part more intensely to its life. And you will get the special benefits that the Verdi Theatre offers its members.


If you love culture and wish to invest in it -making donations on restoring and protecting Italian art heritage or helping theatres, cultural institutes and Lyric Foundations – the access to the Art Bonus is guaranteed. It is a tax relief introduced to promote culture and provides for a tax credit divided into three years, with a tax deduction of 65% on the donated amount. A great opportunity to contribute, in a simple and favourable way, to the support of Italian culture and, in particular, of our City. Even a small gesture will be of great help to the Theatre. Important tax benefits are provided by supporting the Verdi Theatre and its artistic activity. All details are also available on the dedicated ministerial website: 



If you believe that culture is an indispensable value and you wish to support the Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi di Trieste, you can choose to give your 5x1000 for its management and activity. Simply write, in the appropriate box on your Tax Return model, the Tax Code of the Verdi Theatre in Trieste 00050020320 and put your sign.
It's a cost-free but important gesture, because it helps your Theatre and supports culture in your city.



Telefono: (+39) 040 6722 / 217-203