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The Nutcracker

Conductor: Alessandro Ferrari

Spettacolo terminato


Music by Pëtr Il'ič Čajkovskij

A two-act ballet by Amedeo Amodio based on E.T.A. Hoffmann's story The Nutcracker and the Mouse King

Choreographer and director Amedeo Amodio
Conductor Alessandro Ferrari
Set and costume designer Emanuele Luzzati
Shadows creation L’asina sull’Isola
Shadows realization Teatro Gioco Vita
(recorded) voice Gabriella Bartolomei
Light designer Marco Policastro
Assistant choreographer Stefania Di Cosmo


Main dancers:
Ashley Bouder, Andrew Veyette (New York City Ballet) - December 14,15,16,17 (8.30 pm) 

Anbeta Toromani, Alessandro Macario - December 17 (3 pm) and 18 dicembre (4 pm)


A Daniele Cipriani Entertainment Production

Ballet Company by Daniele Cipriani Entertainment


Orchestra by Giuseppe Verdi Theatre



DURATA DELLO SPETTACOLO: 2 ore e 30 minuti circa

PRIMO ATTO: 1 ora e 10 minuti ca.

 INTERVALLO: 20 minuti ca.

 SECONDO ATTO: 55 minuti ca.


Ballet recap


La canzone dell’orologiaio
24 dicembre
Ombre, Clara bambina, Fritz, giocattoli, soldatino, tre uomini della neve, Topo gigante, Drosselmeier
La festa
Clara bambina, Fritz, Drosselmeier, La madre, il padre, i nonni-poltrona, gli invitati
Ombre - La fiaba della noce dura
Arlecchina, Soldatino, i nani, Schiaccianoci burattino
Ombre, Clara bambina, i topi, la Regina dei topi
La battaglia dei topi
Ombre, Fritz, il soldatino
La trasformazione di Schiaccianoci
Schiaccianoci Principe, Clara
La Neve
La Regina della neve, I fiocchi di neve
L’inizio del viaggio
Clara, Schiaccianoci, Drosselmeier


Il viaggio di Clara e Schiaccianoci
I birilli, Drosselmeier, Clara, Schiaccianoci, Ombre
Danza spagnola
Danza araba
Danza cinese
Danza russa
Valzer dei fiori
Drosselmeier e la bambola, Quattro coppie
Grand pas de deux
Clara, Schiaccianoci Principe
Il nipote di Drosselmeier
Clara, Drosselmeier, il Nipote - Schiaccianoci


Characters & performers


Clara Ashley Bouder (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
           Anbeta Toromani (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII)
Schiaccianoci Andrew Veyette (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
                          Alessandro Macario (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII)
Drosselmeier Valerio Polverari (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
                         Umberto De Santis (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII)
Clara Bambina Giulia Neri
Fritz Emilio Barone (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
         Francesco Moro (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII)
Madre Giulia Olivieri
Padre Ferdinando De Filippo
Arlecchina Elisa Aquilani (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
                    Tomo Muranaka (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII)
Soldatino Sergio Chinnici (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
                  Gabriele Togni (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII)
Burattino Schiaccianoci Pietro Valente
Tre uomini della neve
Francesco Moro, Gabriele Togni (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
Davide Bastioni, Alessandro Pulitani (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII),
Pietro Valente
per l’Asina sull’Isola: Katarina Janoskova e Paolo Valli
Topo gigante - uomo orologio Mauro Vizioli
Invitati alla festa
Andrea Caleffi, Silvia Accardo, Lucrezia Bellamaria,
Susanna Elviretti, Elena La Stella, Yasmine Mechergui, Sabrina
Montanaro, Martina Pasinotti
Davide Bastioni, Luca Carannante, Emanuele Chiesa,
Francesco De Stefano, Marco Fagioli, Marco Lo Presti, Valerio
Marisca, Alessandro Pulitani
Regina della neve Andrea Caleffi (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
                                  Silvia Accardo (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII)
Fiocchi di neve
Silvia Accardo (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30),
Andrea Caleffi (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII), Elisa Aquilani,
Lucrezia Bellamaria, Valentina Chiulli, Susanna Elviretti,
Bianca Gradassi, Ilaria Grisanti, Elena La Stella, Noemi Luna,
Yasmine Mechergui, Simona Mirarchi, Sabrina Montanaro,
Tomo Muranaka, Giulia Olivieri, Martina Pasinotti, Micaela Viscardi
Danza spagnola
Silvia Accardo, Martina Pasinotti, Gabriele Togni.
Danza araba
Susanna Elviretti - Umberto De Santis (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
Andrea Caleffi - Marco Lo Presti (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII)
Danza cinese
Sabrina Montanaro (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30),
Francesco De Stefano
Danza russa
Sergio Chinnici, Francesco Moro, Pietro Valente,
Ilaria Grisanti (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
Valentina Chiulli (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII)
Emilio Barone (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
Bianca Gradassi, Tomo Muranaka,
Valerio Marisca (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII)
Cristiano Colangelo, Marco Fagioli, Giulia Neri
Valzer dei fiori
Bambola Susanna Elviretti (14, 15, 16 /XII, 17/XII ore 20.30)
Sabrina Montanaro (17/XII ore 15.00, 18/XII)
Elisa Aquilani, Andrea Caleffi, Valentina Chiulli,
Yasmine Mechergui
Davide Bastioni, Emanuele Chiesa, Marco Lo Presti,
Ferdinando De Filippo



Christmas Eve.
Drosselmeier, Clara and Fritz’s godfather, plays the clockmaker’s song. Clara and Fritz are eagerly waiting for Christmas time and for their presents: they fall asleep and are brought to a dream world. The guests arrive carrying boxes of presents which seem huge and surprising to the children. Drosselmeier, to liven up the party, tells the story of the hard nut Krakatuk: “Once upon a time, a king and a queen had a beautiful baby daughter, princess Pirlipat. One day, while the queen was preparing a delicious lunch for her royal husband, the Queen of the mice, Mauserinks, with her wide company of faithful, gobbled up all the lard that would have flavoured the supper. The king was furious and, under the advice of the court clockmaker, Mr. Drosselmeier, put all the mice under traps. Only Mauserinks managed to escape and swore revenge. In fact, one night, despite the many nurses and cats put to protect the beautiful Pirlipat, the Queen of the mice approached the cradle and turned the baby into a monster…” Clara is very upset by the tale and so Drosselmeier, not to disturb the joyful evening, stops telling the story and starts showing his presents: a she-Harlequin, a Soldier and a Nutcracker, mechanical toys so perfectly made that they seem real people. The kids are attracted, in particular, by the Nutcracker: they quarrel and tear it from their hands, until Fritz, annoyed, breaks it. Drosselmeier repairs the toy and decides that Clara is going to keep and take care of it. The happy little girl introduces her new friend to her doll and play with them when, all of a sudden, she hears unusual rustlings, squeaks and strange presences going around the room: they’re the mice. Clara is taken by a kind of fear mixed with curiosity and surprise: Fritz’s toys come to life and start fighting against the invaders. The Nutcracker is the bravest of all and, heading the toy army, defeats the mice.
Snow starts falling outside: Clara leaves with her bold new playmate, drifting away on horseback.

Clara and the Nutcracker’s trip continues and, in the meantime, the Nutcracker tells his story: “…they called the court astronomer, who found the remedy to cure Pirlipat. They had to find the hard nut Krakatuk, the hardest nut in the world, and a young man capable of breaking it with his teeth, so to give the kernel to the princess. The astronomer and the clockmaker Drosselmeier travelled the world for fifteen years in search of the nut and the young man. They went to Spain, China, Russia, Arabia and to the land of dancing flowers. At last they found both the nut and the young man, who was none other than the clockmaker’s nephew… Young Drosselmeier managed to break the nut Krakatuk but, as he was bringing the kernel to Pirlipat, he stepped on Mauserinks who, before dying, turned the handsome young man into a hideous nutcracker, keeping on her terrible revenge”. Clara is fascinated, it seems a fairytale in which she is the princess and the Nutcracker is her young prince: handsome, fearless and brave. The Christmas party is coming to an end: Clara wakes up. It was only a dream. She is back again to reality, with guests, presents and dances. But in the end, as the guests leave the house and the little girl is left alone to think back to her dream and her young hero, Drosselmeier comes in together with his young nephew. Clara looks at him and recognizes her beloved Nutcracker.