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Susanna's secret

Conductor: Takayuki Yamasaki

Spettacolo terminato


 Music by Ermanno Wolf-Ferrari

Intermezzo in one act

libretto by Enrico Golisciani

(The premiere of the opera was in German, translated by Max Kalbeck, with the title Susannens Geheimnis, at the Hoftheater in Munich on 4 December 1909)


Venue: Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi di Trieste

Director: Daniele Guerra
Set and costume designer: Angelo Canu

A new production by Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi di Trieste 


Characters & performers


Count Gil   Alessio Cacciamani 
Countess Susanna, his wife  Marie Fajtova
Sante, a dumb servant   Motoharu Takei







On his way home, Count Gil thinks of seeing his young wife Susanna walking alone in the street, even though he’s forbidden her to do it after their wedding. But he finds her in the living room playing the piano. Actually, the woman has just come back, preceding him. The Count smells tobacco and gets suspicious, since Susanna does not smoke. He thinks she’s met a man and becomes jealous. The servant Sante (a mime) does not say anything and Gil asks Susanna whether she’s gone outside. She denies. Gil feels remorse for his suspicion, but he still smells tobacco as their drinking a cup of tea. The suspect rises again and the Count accuses Susanna of hiding something to him. The wife admits it, but does not tell him what it is. Gil makes a scene, starts crushing things and the girl locks herself in her bedroom. Then she invites her husband to go to the Club with his friends. The Count leaves but forgets his umbrella. Susanna asks Sante to take the cigarettes which she had bought when she was out and which she had given to him when she returned. She’s about to light one when her husband comes back, looking for the umbrella. At last Gil leaves and Susanna starts smoking together with Sante. Sure that a lover is inside the house, the Couns gets in through the window and… finds out his wife’s innocent secret! He apologizes and promises that he’s going to smoke, too, to keep her company.

Locandine e Allegati