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Lucia di Lammermoor

Conductor: Fabrizio Maria Carminati

Spettacolo terminato


Music by Gaetano Donizetti

Tragic opera in three acts to a libretto by Salvadore Cammarano
loosely based upon Sir Walter Scott's historical novel The Bride of Lammermoor 



Director Giulio Ciabatti

Set designer Pier Paolo Bisleri


A production by Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi di Trieste


Characters & performers


Lord Enrico Ashton  Devid Cecconi (23, 25, 27, 31/III)
  Leon Kim (24, 29/III)
Miss Lucia, sua sorella  Aleksandra Kubas-Kruk (23, 25, 27, 31/III)
  Olga Dyadiv (24, 29/III)
Sir Edgardo di Ravenswood  Piero Pretti (23, 25, 27, 29/III)
  Francesco Castoro (24, 31/III)
Lord Arturo Bucklaw Giuseppe Tommaso
Raimondo Bidebent Carlo Malinverno (23, 25, 27, 31/III)
educatore e confidente di Lucia  Shi Zong (24, 29/III)
Alisa, damigella di Lucia Giovanna Lanza
Normanno Andrea Schifaudo
capo degli armigeri di Ravenswood  
  Dame e cavalieri, congiunti di Ashton, abitanti di Lammermoor, paggi, 
  armigeri, domestici di Ashton.
  L’avvenimento ha luogo in Iscozia, parte nel Castello di Ravenswood,
  parte nella torre rovinata di Wolferag.
  L’epoca rimonta al declinare del secolo XVI.




Act one: ab. 40' 
Break: ab. 20'
Act two: ab. 40' 
Break: ab. 20'
Act three: ab. 60'





The departure.

In the estate of Ravenswood Castle in Scotland, Lord Henry Ashton is talking to his devoted followers about the “harsh, fatal frenzy” that agitates him, since the leader of the squires has revealed that his sister Lucy has fallen in love with Sir Edgar Ravenswood, the last offspring of a family hated by the Ashton: a deadly hatred, handed on from father to son. Henry is absolutely contrary to the love between Lucy and Edgar, even because he’s going to make her marry Lord Arthur Bucklaw: this union could assure him the impunity for a grim crime and enforce the tottering power of the family. He’s ready to use any means to break off, even with blood, his sister’s love. In vain, Raymond Bidebent, Lucy’s educator and confidant, tries to dissuade him from doing it, using the authoritativeness and prestige of his age.
In the meantime, in a corner of the park, Lucy secretly meets her beloved Edgar. The loyal Alisa, fearing of being discovered, accompanies her. Lucy wishes to warn Edgar that he’s in danger and that Henry is menacing him. She’s also troubled by a sad omen when she realizes that they’re meeting by the fountain where, in the past, a Ravenswood had killed for jealousy his beloved. Edgar tells her that he’s going to leave for a long trip, but before leaving he wishes to make peace with Henry, inviting him to forget the past and to make possible the fulfillment of their love story. But Lucy, well knowing her brother’s merciless hatred and the reasons that caused it, begs the young man to keep secret their passionate love. In a beautiful duet, the two lovers swear to each other eternal faith and, as a token of their love, they exchange the wedding ring.

The wedding contract.

Henry is trying to convince Lucy to marry Lord Arthur and, since she resolutely refuses, he resorts to a wicked deception: helped by Norman, he forges a letter written by Edgar where it’s plain that he’s been unfaithful to Lucy. At that revelation the girl gets lost and sorrowful; so Henry avails himself of this situation to make her give in, backed up, in good faith, by the old Bidebend. In the end, anguished and only to save her family from ruin, Lucy accepts to marry Arthur.
In the castle hall, everything is ready for the wedding. Lucy looks very sad and her brother justifies her reminding to the bridegroom that her mother has recently died. Anxious to complete the ceremony, Henry takes the wedding contract and forces the hesitating Lucy to sign it.
Soon after, Edgar rushes in and challenges his enemy, but Bidebent tells him that he can do nothing anymore, since Lucy herself has signed the contract. Inflamed by disdain and despair, Edgar gives the ring back to the girl and makes her give back his own, treading on it, as a sign of the unkept promise of eternal faith, and cursing the moment he met her. 

In the park of Wolferag castle, by the Ravenswoods’ sepulchers, Edgar is crying on his forefathers’ tombs: having lost Lucy, now his life has no sense. Henry arrives and further hurts and offends him by telling him again about Lucy’s wedding; with unchanged hatred, he incites him to revenge and the two men decide to duel to the death.
Meanwhile, in the castle hall, the wedding party is going on, but Bidebent suddenly announces to the guests that an awful tragedy has just taken place in the nuptial room: gone crazy, Lucy has killed the bridegroom.
Lucy gets in the hall, dazzled and smiling. A pray of frenzy, she thinks of living again the happy moments she had with Edgar, to whom she’ll be always committed. Henry hurls himself against his sister but he’s kept by some of the guests. But then, seeing his sister’s real frenzy, he understands the tragedy and feels regret; he lets Lucy to the cares of Bidebent, who accuses Norman to be the cause of the ruin.
In the meantime, outside the castle, Edgar is looking at the windows, all still enlighten for the party, or so he thinks, and is consumed by grief. Some peasants arrive and tell him what happened. He tries to reach Lucy, but a knell announces the girl’s death. Briefly Bidebent tells him the real events; Edgar stabs himself to the heart, so he can reach his beloved and stay with her forever.


Locandine e Allegati