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Sleeping beauty

Spettacolo terminato


Music by
Pëtr Il'ič Čajkovskij

Ballet in a prologue and three acts
libretto by Marius Petipa and Ivan Aleksandrovicˇ Vsevolozˇskij
based on Charles Perrault's fairytale La Belle au bois dormant


Historical choreography by Marius Petipa
with fragments of choreography by K. Sergeev e F. Lopukhov

Conductor Igor Chernetski

Main performers:
Olena Dobryanska (4, 6/XII, 7/XII ore 20.30)
Natalia Ivasenko (5/XII, 7/XII ore 15.00, 9/XII)
Stanislav Skrynnik (4, 6/XII e 7/XII ore 20.30)
Dmytro Sharay (5/XII, 7/XII ore 15.00, 9/XII)


Ballett by Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet

Orchestra by Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi di Trieste




The King and the Queen are celebrating the birth of their daughter, Princess Aurora. Their guests and courtiers are greeting the happy parents. The Fairy of Lilac and other kind fairies present the new-born baby with their gifts: they endow Aurora with wonderful soul features. All of a sudden, frightened servants inform the Master of Ceremonies Catalabut that the evil fairy Carabosse has arrived. Carabosse is infuriated as they forgot to invite her to the ceremony. The King and the Queen try to propitiate the evil fairy. But her fury is boundless: Carabosse foretells that young Aurora will fall asleep forever once she pricks her finger with a knitting needle. All the guests get filled with terror... But the Fairy of Lilac, patroness of the Princess, makes fairy Carabosse leave the palace.


Scene I
Aurora’s birthday. She is now 16. Regardless of the King’s prohibition, four local knitters with needles appear in front of the palace gate. Suddenly Catalabut runs into the knitters. The frightened women beg for mercy. But Catalabut is implacable. He gives the law infringers over to the guard. The King and the Queen appear, accompanied by four Princes pretending to marry Princess Aurora. The King, wonders what’s the fault of these four women held in custody. Catalabut tells him why they’ve been arrested and shows the material evidence. The frightened King gives an order to execute the knitters. The Queen and the Court ladies beg for his mercy. Today is such a great day! The King sets the women free.

Scene II
Magnificent ball in the palace. Four princes are wooing Aurora, though none of them touches her heart. Meanwhile, an old lady imperceptibly comes out of the crowd and gives a valuable spindle to Aurora. Unsuspicious Princess takes the gift and immediately pricks her hand with a needle hidden in the yarn. A mortal cold seizes Aurora, she’s losing all her strength. The unknown lady throws off her cloak, and everybody recognizes the evil fairy Carabosse. The Fairy of Lilac appears. She can’t destroy Carabosse’s evil spell, but she’s able to weaken it. The Fairy convinces everyone that Aurora is alive: she’s just fallen asleep. The day will come when a beautiful prince’s kiss will wake her up, and together with her it will wake up the whole kingdom. The Fairy of Lilac plunges the kingdom into a sleep.


Scene I
One hundred years have passed. Prince Desire has come out to go hunting. But it doesn’t give him any pleasure. He dreams of meeting a charming girl and falling in
love with her. Suddenly the Fairy of Lilac springs up before Desire. By waving her hand she brings about a vision of sleeping Aurora among nereids. Charmed Desire rushes to the Princess, but the vision immediately disappears. Desire implores the
Fairy of Lilac to disclose the mystery of the sleeping beauty who’s taken his heart captive. Aurora’s patroness calls the prince to a magic boat. They are sailing together to a fairytale kingdom plunged into a sleep.

Scene II
Silence is reigning in the sleeping kingdom. Only fairy Carabosse and her suite aren’t sleeping: they won’t let anybody into the palace. Having seen the Fairy of Lilac and
Prince Desire, Carabosse tries to hide Aurora from them. For nothing, though. The Prince catches sight of the sleeping beauty. Amazed by her beauty, he tenderly kisses her. Carabosse’s evil spell loses its power. Aurora wakes up. The whole kingdom awakes together with her. Desire asks the King and the Queen for their daughter’s hand.


Aurora and Desire’s wedding party. Guests are arriving, among them we cam see the kind Fairy of Lilac, the Fairies of Diamonds, Gold, Silver and Sapphires, and some characters of fairy-tales: Princess Florine and Blue Bird, Puss in Boots and White Kitten, Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and Prince Fortunet. The fairies are greeting the happy lovers.


Everybody is glorifying Aurora and Desire who have defeated the evil and darkness with the power of their love. The Fairy of Lilac personifying the eternal goodness and light blesses the young couple and sails away in her magic boat.