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Gianni Schicchi and Cavalleria Rusticana

Conductor: Francesco Quattrocchi

Spettacolo terminato

the opera




Comic opera in one act to a libretto by Giovacchino Forzano
Music by Giacomo Puccini


Gianni Schicchi (age 50) Giovanni Guarino
Lauretta, his daughter (age 21) Myuki Shirakawa (23/II) / ShizukoTo (24/II)
Zita, cousin of Buoso Donati (age 60) Ayako Tutsui (23/II) / Hiroko Esaki (24/II)
Rinuccio, Zita's nephew (age 24) Gianni Leccese
Gherardo, Buoso's nephew (age 40) Vincenzo Maria Sarinelli
Nella, Gherardo's wife (age 34) Yuka Onishi
Gherardino, their son (age 7) Elisabetta Vegliach
Betto di Signa, Buoso's brother-in-law, poor and shabbily dressed, of uncertain age Shinnosuke Hata
Simone, cousin of Buoso (age 70) Chikara To
Marco, Simone's son (age 45) Yusuke Ito
La Ciesca, Marco's wife (age 38) Sachimi Yamada
Maestro Spinelloccio, a doctor Yoshio Hamada
Ser Amantio di Nicolao, a notary Carlo Torriani
Pinellino, a cobbler Shinji Hokada
Guccio, a dyer Takuya Kubota

 * * * * *


Opera in one act to a libretto by Giovanni Targioni-Tozzetti and Guido Menasci
Music by Pietro Mascagni

Santuzza Dimitra Theodossiou
Turiddu Piero Giuliacci (23/II) / Kennichi Morioka (24/II)
Alfio Gudo Hasui
Lola Veronica Esposito (23/II) /Miyuki Shirakawa (24/II)
Lucia, Turiddu's mother  Michiko Honda



Director Carlo Antonio De Lucia
Assistant to direction Marika Urbano
Assistant to conductor Ayaka Mieno
A production by Kitakyūshū City Opera - Accademia Operistica Internazionale

Orchestra, choir and technicians by Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi di Trieste

Choir Kitakyūshū City Opera









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stalls circle and I order central box (8, 6 or 4 seats)   € 55,00    € 49,50    € 48,00  
stalls € 55,00 € 49,50 € 48,00
stalls circle and I order side box (4 seats) € 45,00 € 40,50 € 38,00
stalls circle and I order side box “barcaccia” (4 or 3 seats)  € 45,00 € 40,50 € 38,00
dress circle: row 1, 2 central seats € 45,00 € 40,50 € 38,00
dress circle: row 2 side seats / II order box € 40,00 € 36,00 € 34,00
upper circle, III order box seat € 30,00 € 27,00 € 25,50
gallery, upper circle (row 6, 7) € 20,00 € 18,00 € 17,00
dress circle, upper circle and gallery entrance ticket € 10,00    
people under 30: all areas except central boxes € 15,00    
people between 30 and 34: all areas except central boxes   € 20,00    



Buoso Donati’s bedroom.
The old property-owner has just died. The numerous relatives, kneeled down around his bed, are pretending to be deeply grieved.
The old Zita, her nephew Rinuccio, Gherardo with his wife Nella and his young son Gherardino, the old Simone with his son Marco and his wife Ciesca, and Betto, Buoso’s poor brother-in-law. In short, all the dead man’s relatives are waiting for the inheritance and each of them hopes for a favourable will.
They’ve been alarmed by the rumour that the old man has left everything to a monastery and so they immediately go and seek for his will. When they find it, they bitterly verify that the rumour coincides with the truth: Buoso ha left all his properties to the friars. The relatives are desperate and now they really cry over their disgrace. In the meantime, Rinuccio, hoping to get rich with his uncle’s inheritance, has sent Gheradino to fetch the clever Gianni Schicchi. The boy hopes that, getting rich with his uncle’s money, he’ll succeed in marrying Lauretta, Gianni Schicchi’s daughter. The young couple has swore eternal love to each other, despite the fact that Rinuccio’s family, aunt Zita in particular, sneers at that marriage, since Gianni Schicchi has humble origins and is considered no more than a peasant.
Gianni Schicchi arrives with Lauretta and – after the pressing requests of the disappointed relatives – he plots a diabolic plan to change the dead man’s last will. Nobody knows in town that Donati is dead: Gianni Schicchi will disguise himself as Buoso, go to bed and then dictate a new will to the notary. But, before carrying out the plan, Gianni warns the relatives about the fact that they will be severely punished in case the deceit is revealed: the cut of a hand and exile for all of them. But the greedy people don’t care about it. Gianni makes the first attempt with the doctor, Spinelloccio, who is deceived by the voice and the words of the fake dying man. Then, during the preparations for the disguise, the relatives – one by one, separately – try to reach an agreement with Gianni, promising him generous rewards, and Schicchi leaves to each of them the best expectations. The notary arrives and the fake Buoso dictates his last will: he assigns several properties to the relatives, according to their requests, but then the best possessions are assigned to “his dear friend Gianni Schicchi”, that means to himself. When the notary and the witnesses leave the room, the rage of the relatives, cheated by their own deceit, bursts out against Schicchi, but they can’t do anything anymore. So, one by one, they leave the house, trying to grab as much as they can. Gianni is satisfied with his trick: Lauretta, now a rich girl thanks to the unexpected dowry, can marry her beloved Rinuccio, and this is the greatest joy for Schicchi. Addressing to the audience and hinting to the young lovers, he cunningly asks whether Buoso Donati’s money could end in better hands.



CAVALLERIA RUSTICANA (rustic chivalry)

A Sicilian village square.
Offstage, the young Turiddu sings a serenade to the beautiful Lola, the woman he had loved before leaving for the military service but whom, on his return, had found married to the wine carter Alfio. Turiddu tried to console himself with Santuzza, another vilIage girI, but the old passion broke out again and now he and Lola have an affair. Alfio ignores what's going on while Santuzza, first seduced and now deserted, suspects something.
It's Easter morning; the church belIs invite the congregation to the mass for the Peace. But there's no peace in Santuzza's heart. With her soul full of anguish, she goes to Lucia's tavern to ask for some news about Turiddu, Lucia's son. Even though the young man had told his mother that he was going to Francoforte to buy some wine, he's been seen, late at night, still in town. Alfio, too, has seen him near his house early that morning. Left alone with Lucia, Santuzza pours out frustration and grief for Turiddu's betrayal. When the old woman, upset, enters the Church for the mass, Santuzza confronts Turiddu. They have a stormy quarrel, interrupted by the arrivaI of Lola, who enters singing a ditty and taunting Santuzza. When Lola leaves, Turiddu would rather follow her but Santuzza begs him to stay to talk things out: he feels so tied and angry for her jealousy that he finally knocks her to the ground and goes to the church. Santuzza, out of mind with pain and humiliation, curses her lover and, consumed by jealousy, tells Alfio about Lola's infidelity. Santuzza immediately feels remorse, but it's too late.
When the mass ends, Turiddu, Lola and other friends drink a toast, but Alfio refuses the wine that Turiddu offers him. The challenge is on: following the custom, the men embrace and Turiddu bites Alfio's ear.  Lola, very troubled, is taken away by the other women. Turiddu begs his mother - who doesn't suspect anything of what's going to happen - to take care of Santuzza if he doesn't come back. Seeing Lucia very surprised for what he's said, Turiddu telIs her that he's a little bit drunk and goes away to reach Alfio, who's waiting for him in the back orchard for the duel. Confused murmurs rise in the distance; then, closer and closer, a terrible cry: 'Turiddu has been killed".